Christmas Minis 2019- The Light Room PDX

I went into day one of Christmas Minis nervous and full of anxiety.

"What if the set up looks awful?"

"What if no one shows up?"

"What if they end up looking horrible?"

"What if the lighting doesn't work in my favor?"

"What if I can't get in to the building?"

"What if...."

If there are any lessons I learned from this year's Christmas Minis, they are:

1. Good things never come from your comfort zone and,

2. Trust in the hard work you've done.


These Christmas Minis blew. my. mind! We all had SO MUCH fun, gained so much confidence, and came out the other side with the cutest Christmas galleries. So before you keep scrolling to look at how freaking cute these Christmas clients of mine are, I want to give you a nugget of encouragement:

You CAN do great things. You ARE good enough. And you do not have to be defined by the mean voice in the back of your mind.

So today, tell your inner critic to SUCK IT and do something amazing that scares you a little. Who knows? Maybe magic will happen ;)

I can't wait to see the magic we will create for Christmas 2020! But, for now, here are the 2019 Christmas Minis!

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