Fall Dreams Styled Shoot

This past Spring, my friend Elle over at Harper Grace Photo and I finally met in person when I attended a styled shoot she put together. I learned so much and had the absolute best time, but I left thinking, "Man... I wish I could put together a styled shoot like that...."

I've attended and even been the subject of a few styled shoots (one was in Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe and it was a DREAM!) since then and each time I left thinking, "If only I was as talented and experienced as _______..." It was almost as if a time that was meant to encourage and teach me left me feeling more discouraged and overwhelmed.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Does this resonate in your heart?

Do you feel this in your bones?

Sis, you are not alone.

I spent so long waiting for someone to put together a styled shoot like the one I'm about to show you. I waited around for an opportunity to present itself. I sat watching others follow their dreams while I waited for someone to follow mine for me.

But I got tired of waiting.

So I called up some vendor friends, told them about the vision I had for this shoot. You know what they said?

"OMG let's do it!"

And we. made. magic.

Ya'll. This has been a challenging season of life and, because of that, I have grown and learned so much. One of the more important things I've learned is to stop waiting around for opportunities to present themselves and start making them happen!

All of us, especially us girls, are so quick to compare ourselves to the people around us and minimize the talents, skills, and passions that we have been blessed with. We look at someone else's success and think that we must obviously be less successful than them because our journey looks different. But let me tell you something: your habit of comparing yourself rests squarely on your shoulders. You've got to take accountability for that, set those lies aside, and KICK ASS like you know deep down you can!

Now let me say, this is something I am awful at. Full disclosure: I am queen supreme ruler of comparison and feeling less-than. So this is just as much a reminder for me as it is an encouragement for you.

Plan the styled shoot.

Launch that side hustle.

Start a new project.

Try out that hobby.

Take a risk.

Learn something.



Be amazing.

The world is not changed by people who make millions, have a large following, or are popular in the world's eyes. The world is changed by people who show up, work hard, give it their all, and never quit.

The world is changed by people who dare to dream.

"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough." -Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Do your dreams scare you a little? Good! Now get out there and kick ass. You got this, babe.


Coordination & Planning: Lauren (Myself) at Lauren Ashley Photography - Instagram: @loashleyphoto

Hair: Alina at Alina's Styling Studio - Instagram: @styled_by_alina

MUA: Lesley at Holiday Spa PDX - Instagram: @holidayspapdx

Florals: Katie at Katie Mac Florals - Instagram: @katiemacflorals

Model: Marissa Lintner - Instagram: @marissa.lintner

Lead Photographer: Myself

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